Rioghal Kennels CKC Reg

Registered Siberian  Huskies
RR 4, Merrickville, Ontario, Canada K0G 1N0
Phone (613) 269-3532
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Our Products & Services

Social Hierarchy of Siberian Huskies
A study of pack behavior

Our Present Siberians
Pictorial descriptions and Stories

Wolves, Coyotes, and Wolf Hybrids
What are the connections?

Canadian Eskimo Sled Dogs
Photos from Baffin Island (1965)

Anatomy of a Coyote Attack
Brush Wolves and their struggle for survival

Urban Coyotes
A Recent Phenomenon of Coyote Strategy

Photos and stories of our dearly departed


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Note:  Our  name  "Rioghal"  is  the  first  word  of  our  family  motto,
and  it  means  "Royal"  in  Gaelic.

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